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Member News Release: COVID-19 Communication from Leader Brief

COVID-19 Member News Release

COVID-19 Communication from Leader Brief

March 18, 2020

Dr. Michael Burcham



Full Document: COVID-19 Communication from Leader Brief

The situation we face based on the coronavirus and COVID-19 is changing so fast and is so uncertain, there is perhaps nothing more important than the way a leader communicates. 

Fit to your personal style

1. Be clear and focus on the facts

2. Communicate often (builds stability/continuity)

3. Be understanding and empathetic

4. Be present and accessible (use video)

5. Unite people (virtual gatherings)

6. Provide the big picture (short, middle, long term)

7. Give specific instructions (what should they do)

8. Be inspirational and authentic in your style

9. Be thoughtful with word choice 10. Create a calendar (see next slide)

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