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Member News Release: Two New Resources for Nonprofits & Funders During COVID-19

COVID-19 Member News Release

From our member, AllianceBernstein:

 We’re living through a historic event that is as disruptive as it is remarkable. The situation—from both a public health and market perspective—continues to evolve with shocking speed. We recognize that as nonprofits and funders, you are on the front lines of aiding your local communities—whether from a social or financial capacity. We hope these resources will make fulfilling your mission a little easier:

  • A COVID-19 portal centralizing our latest insights relating to the coronavirus. You’ll also find a personal message from David Barnard, who heads Bernstein, reaffirming our support for you during this trying period.
  • A new Inspired Investing podcast in which Clare Golla is joined by Linda Zager, CEO of the Back Office Cooperative, and Eric Weinheimer, CEO of Forefront. Their discussion centers on the mounting challenges for nonprofits and foundations in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, the increasing risk of recession, and strategies for navigating through these uncertain times.

Bernstein is committed to providing resources to the nonprofit and foundation community during these unprecedented times, so be on the lookout for more resources in the coming days, including a podcast featuring Henry Berman from Exponent Philanthropy, as he walks through what foundations should consider during times of crisis. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and be sure to visit Bernstein’s dedicated Fulfilling Your Mission microsite, which offers perspectives for all things related to nonprofits and foundations.

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