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Nashville LGBT Chamber Grows Into Tennessee Pride Chamber

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Advocating for equality and economic opportunity for the LGBTQ+ community throughout Tennessee

Nashville, TN (December 21, 2022) – The Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce is expanding operations throughout Tennessee growing into the Tennessee Pride Chamber. The Tennessee Pride Chamber represents over 400 corporations, small businesses, and individual LGBTQ+ and allied professionals in Tennessee. Our members are concentrated around Nashville, but the organization already has partnerships and members in Franklin, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, Memphis, Knoxville and other cities and counties all over the Tri-Star State.

“Next year, our organization will mark 25 years of advancing common business interests, economic growth, and equality for the LGBTQ+ business community,” said Terry Vo, President of the Tennessee Pride Chamber. “We’ve seen so much progress for the LGBTQ+ community and there is still more work to do. The business community has been a powerful voice advancing equality. Inclusion and diversity are good for business and good for Tennessee’s long-term economic growth.”

Brian Rosman, Vice President & 2023 President Elect of the Tennessee Pride Chamber added, “Because of the work we do, our membership expanded outside of Nashville organically and the impact of our advocacy work is felt throughout the state. We want to make sure that companies, events, and tourists looking to come here know that we are a welcoming state, with a diverse workforce and vibrant LGBTQ+ communities.”

In Tennessee, there are over 133,000 LGBTQ+ workers, making up 4% of the state’s work force, as of 20201. Approximately 29% of LGBTQ+ people in Tennessee are also parents raising children. Neither of those numbers take into the account the number of LGBTQ+ youth being raised in Tennessee. LGBTQ+ professionals, their families and working parents of children who identify as LGBTQ+, want to live and work in communities that are supportive and embrace them. States who are welcoming to LGBTQ+ people help businesses and corporations attract and retain talent, attract more customers, attract more tourism, and help to generate business for the entire community.   

Tennessee Pride Chamber programs are driven by the mantra, “Advocate, Educate, Connect.” We are a leading business voice on LGBTQ+ advocacy efforts at the state and local level representing a coalition of Tennessee businesses. We offer educational opportunities to our members to further their careers and grow their businesses. We connect our members and our communities to business and economic opportunities.

The Tennessee Pride Chamber is adding new members throughout the state now. In early 2023, we will host networking events and mixers in Franklin, Murfreesboro, and Chattanooga. The Chamber’s monthly Brewing Up Business events have been a staple of the Nashville community, creating business opportunities for our members and giving government officials and candidates a forum to engage with the LGBTQ+ business community on a regular basis. Members throughout the state already participate in the Chamber’s advocacy efforts and educational opportunities virtually. The Tennessee Pride Chamber has partnered with the Mid-South LGBT Chamber out of Memphis to share programming and resources, and coordinate advocacy efforts, creating a unified LGBTQ+ Business community throughout Tennessee. The Tennessee Pride Chamber will work collaboratively with the Tennessee State Legislature, Governor, and local municipalities to make sure Tennessee embraces the LGBTQ+ community and the multi-trillion-dollar economic opportunity the community represents. 

The Tennessee Pride Chamber is the only affiliate of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) in the state. Members of the Tennessee Pride Chamber can receive the Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® (Certified LGBTBE®) designation from the NGLCC. Once they become Certified LGBTBE® suppliers, our members have access to a network of more than 425 corporate and government partners expressly looking to do business with Certified LGBTBE® suppliers, including many in Tennessee. Thanks to increased resources and opportunities, Certified LGBTBE® suppliers stay in business for over twice as long as the average American small business.

To learn more about the Tennessee Pride Chamber follow us at @tnpridechamber on social media. Join the Tennessee Pride Chamber today at tnpridechamber.com.

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