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News Release: Register to VOTE deadline and other voting information

Advocacy Chamber News Release

Today (July 7) is the deadline to register to vote in the August 6th election. Some helpful links:

The Thursday, August 6th election is for the State and Federal Primary and the County General Election. The State and Federal General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 3rd. 

The state of Tennessee seems to be making it difficult to vote. Yes, you have to do extra steps and extra work, but the importance of voting is worth the small inconvenience. 

No fundamental change happens unless you VOTE for candidates and policies you believe in. 

Posting on social media, marching in protests, donating to causes and candidates, is a great start, but none of it truly matters if you don’t go and VOTE

Tennessee ranks 40th in voter registration & 44th in voter turnout. Not impressed with those numbers? Neither are we. That is why we have joined the Vote Tennessee campaign. Join Vote Tennessee as we work with organizations across the state to increase the number of Tennesseans who participate in the democratic process through voting in local, state, and federal elections. Organizations and businesses that are interested in increasing the number of voters can sign up with Vote Tennessee and help increase voter turnout. 

Check out these sites on other voting information: 

Tennessee Voting Information

Why Voting is Important

Why I Should Vote

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