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Reckless Referendum Struck Down By Judge, Closely Monitoring Future Developments

Advocacy Chamber News Release

I wanted to share with you news and an update on the planned referendum vote that we were opposing with a larger group called Save Nashville Now. A Nashville judge on Tuesday ruled that 4 Good Government’s proposed charter revision cannot go before Davidson County voters on July 27, the second such defeat for the radical, super minority, anti-tax group in the past year.

Tennessee Lookout story - Nashville Judge Strikes Down Referendum 

Davidson County Chancellor Russell Perkins wrote that the group did not follow proper procedure when it suggested two possible election dates for the referendum rather than one. The Davidson County Election Commission decided to set the election on neither of those dates but instead for July 27.

Perkins ordered the election commission to cancel the election entirely. Early voting was set to begin just a little more than two weeks from now.

We were clear in our direct opposition that Nashville’s LGBTQ and other diverse and minority-owned small business community would face significant setbacks in their efforts to expand economic opportunity and grow new businesses across the city if the reckless July referendum was successful.

We are proud to be a part of the broad coalition of community organizations, neighborhood leaders, small business-owners, taxpayers, homeowners, renters, faith leaders, educators and parents from across Nashville who joined together to Save Nashville Now. We will continue to monitor the legal challenges and possible advancement of the referendum in court, and be ready to mobilize again if that or a new threat like it emerges. 

Thank you for educating yourself on this issue when informed about it, we heard back from so many of you that were unaware of this threat. And thank you for your support of the Nashville LGBT Chamber so we may continue to ADVOCATE on issues like this. 

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