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The BIG SCORE Ecommerce Training

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Now more than ever before, your current and potential customers are searching online for products and services. With an estimated 17 million new businesses starting in 2022 alone, it’s time to make sure that these customers are finding you!!!


DATE & TIME: February 17, 2022, 8:30 am - 1:30 pm CST


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The BIG SCORE Ecommerce Training

A day filled with insight from e-commerce pros to help you confidently build your online business!


Websites—Making a Strong Ecommerce Foundation, Maisha Walker

There are so many overwhelming options as you build your e-commerce system. Where to start? What are the critical decisions to get right? Which choices will be right for you?

How to Decide—Setting the Right Prices for Products and Services, Sandy DeWald

The best prices for your product or services enable profitability—and the ability to face your competition.

Hiring Your Next Ecommerce Superstar, John Thalheimer

Learn how to successfully navigate one of the more critical choices an entrepreneur or small business owner will make, who to hire for your team.

Customer Service as a Strategic Advantage, Joel Fay

Here you'll gain tips on how to interact with customers to help them want to do business with you. And, if something goes wrong, they’ll still come back and recommend you to others.

Digital Marketing—Finding and Keeping the Right Buyers, Maisha Walker

Marketing for e-commerce does it all, typically with digital means to find people who want your products—and will buy from you over and over.

More for You, Ready, Set, GO!, Kacy Fabie

Review the day's sessions with Kacy Fabie, including key e-commerce takeaways, as well as how to find low-or-no-cost support from SCORE year-round.

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