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Veto Push, Legislative Update

Advocacy Chamber News Release

Time is of the essence, the 10 day period of them automatically becoming law without his signature is today and tomorrow. We want him to VETO these bills. Contact him NOW. 

I have been waiting to come to you with a full legislative wrap-up of the session, but we still do not know where things stand. There are still three bills awaiting Governor Lee’s signature making them law. 

I wrote to you last week about the veto campaign that is going on. It is still going on and going STRONG, and if you have not reached out I implore you to do so immediately. Whether officially as your business, or as an individual, let the Governor know that you oppose discriminatory legislation that targets the LGBT community, and remind him of the many impacts that it will have on business and the economy.  If you are LGBT share with him personal stories and how this discrimination feels. Whatever you say or share, just do it. 

Contact Governor Lee today at 615-741-2001 and let him know your views on anti-transgender legislation.

Email Option:  You can also send him an email through his contact form at https://www.tn.gov/governor/contact-us.html 




Additional Info- 


While we have a rash of anti-trans sports and healthcare bans becoming law in various states, we truly cannot afford to breathe new life into the bathroom bills of 2016-2017. We'd very much appreciate your voices here. We have to make our opposition clear. 


In terms of the bathroom bills themselves:

- HB 1233 / SB 1367 [wapp.capitol.tn.gov] is a school’s bathroom bill - that offers trans students separate and unequal accommodations in our public schools. 


HB 1182 [wapp.capitol.tn.gov] requires businesses to put up a sign (below) that could encourage more harassment of transgender people in restrooms. Its use of the term "biological sex" echoes the very discriminatory bills targeting transgender girls in sports this year. Very much intended to target transgender people and normalize a hostile atmosphere toward them. 

There is a financial cost to creating this signage, of course, but it also requires businesses to use transphobic language toward their customers and employees.  



Where things ended up: 

Legislative Overview – Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce bill tracklist: 

112th General Assembly – First Session 



SB 1229/HB 529 (Rose/Moody): “Opt-Out of being taught LGBT sex-ed”

A bill to require an LEA or public charter school to notify the parent or guardian of each student prior to beginning instruction of a sexual orientation curriculum or gender identity curriculum, regardless of whether the curriculum is offered as part of a family life program, sex education program, or other program. Allows a parent or guardian to excuse the student from a sexual orientation or gender identity curriculum. 

Status: Senate passed 04/05/21; House passed 04/14/21. Pending Governor’s signature.


SB 228/HB 3 (Hensley/Cepicky): “Anti-trans student-athlete bill”

A bill to require that a student's gender for purposes of participation in a public middle school or high school interscholastic athletic activity or event be determined by the student's sex at the time of the student's birth, as indicated on the student's original birth certificate. 

Status: Senate Passed 03/01/21; House Passed 03/22/21; Signed by the Governor. 


SB 1367/HB 1233 (Bell/Zachary): “Bathroom Bill 2.0”

A bill to require public schools to provide a reasonable accommodation to a person who is unwilling or unable to use a multi-occupancy restroom or changing facility designated for the person’s sex located within a public school building or multi-occupancy sleeping quarters while attending a public school-sponsored activity. “Reasonable accommodation” is defined as including but not limited to access to a single-occupancy restroom or changing facility. “Sex” is a person's biological sex determined at the time of birth. Establishes that a person who is denied reasonable accommodation has a private right of action against the public school. 

Status: Passed Senate Floor 04/21/21, Passed House Floor 04/26/21. Pending Governor’s signature.


SB 1224/HB 1182 (Rose/Rudd): “Bathroom Signage for Business” 

As amended, a bill to require entities that operate a building or facility open to the general public that allow a member of either biological sex to use any public restroom post notice of the policy at the entrances to the restrooms. Establishes regulations for the required signage. 

Status: House passed 03/29/21, Senate passed 4/29/21. Pending Governor’s signature.



SB 126/HB 1027 (Haile/Kumar): “Trans-Youth Hormone Ban”

As amended, a bill to prohibit sexual identity change hormone therapy for prepubescent minors, and establish a commission to consider uniform standard for endocrine treatment for minors who are not prepubescent. 

Status: Senate passed 04/08/21; House Health Committee passed 04/14/21, sent to House Government Operations Committee. 



SB 657/HB 578 (Bowling/Ragan): “Transgender-youth Healthcare Ban”

A bill to prohibit facilitating sexual identity change therapy to a minor who has not entered puberty, and to prohibit sexual identity change therapy to minors who have entered puberty unless a parent or guardian has written recommendations for the therapy from at least three physicians. Violations are treated as child abuse. 

Status: Referred to Senate Judiciary Committee; House Health Committee deferred to Second Calendar of 2022. 


SB 193/HB 372 (Bowling/Casada): “Diversity Training Opt-Out”

A bill to prohibit government entities from requiring employees to participate in a training, seminar, or continuing education if they object based on their morals, ethics, values, or religious beliefs. 

Status: Referred to Senate State and Local Government Committee (CLOSED); Taken off notice in House Public Service Subcommittee 03/17/21. 


SB 1216/HB 800 (Niceley/Griffey): “LGBT in Textbook Ban”

A bill to prohibit the use of textbooks or instructional materials that promote LGBTQ issues or lifestyles. 

Status: Referred to Senate Education Committee (CLOSED); House Education Instruction Committee passed 04/07/21, sent to House Finance Subcommittee. NO ACTION 


SB 1238/HB 1177 (Pody/J Sexton): “Anti-Trans Lockerroom Bill”

A bill to create an expectation of privacy from members of the opposite sex for a person in a single-sex restroom or locker room. Sex is defined as that listed on a person’s birth certificate. Violations are misdemeanors. 

Status: Referred to Senate Judiciary Committee; Referred to House Criminal Justice Subcommittee (CLOSED). 


SB 562/HB 233 (Bowling/Leatherwood): “Same-sex marriage ban”

A bill to require the Attorney General to defend local officials and political subdivisions who refuse to issue marriage licenses that violate the state constitution. 

Status: Referred to Senate Judiciary Committee; Referred to House Children & Family Affairs Subcommittee (CLOSED). 



SB 659/HB 1535 (Bowling/Weaver): 

A bill to prohibit teachers from using supplemental materials that are not approved by the state board of education. Defines "supplemental materials" to mean a lesson plan, reading material, student worksheet, or instructional guide that a teacher uses to instruct a student on the academic standards of this state, and the lesson plan, student worksheet, or instructional guide is not created by the teacher. Establishes a review and approval process for supplemental materials sent to the state board by teachers, including notice of the review to the public and allowing the public to comment on the materials. 

Status: Senate Education Committee deferred to 2022; House Education Instruction Committee passed 04/07/21, sent to House Calendar & Rules Committee. 



SB 856/HB 576 (Bowling/Ragan): 

A bill to require the Department of Education to promulgate rules regulating how the office for civil rights ensures compliance with Title VI and Title IX, and assists programs receiving funds under Title VI and Title IX. 

Status: Assigned to General Subcommittee in Senate 03/19/21; Failed in House Higher Education Subcommittee 03/09/21.


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